Charleston Weather

  There is something to say about a place that has OK temperatures year-round. I don't get too hot or too cold. Most of the time it is bearable. Charleston does have it's a fair share of above 100 temps, and the humidity levels can be extremely high, but for the most part, very nice! Some tourists visit during July or August and complain about the humidity. This is just part of the area. Just like snow is a part of New Hampshire's winter. You should expect it if you visit somewhere else and are not used to the change in the weather, then you probably shouldn't visit there. When visiting Charleston or anywhere else for that matter, one should keep an open mind to the change. Not just in weather, but in your surroundings as a whole. The winters here in Charleston are generally mild and cool. We used to rarely see snow, but it seems to be every year now, but only a light frosting, if any sticks at all. The darn changes in climate and all the global warming going in,  it is surprising to me that the world is not in the worst shape. God help us all and everything in this world. We are the destroyers of this planet, and hopefully, we can all fix it so we don't have these super storms that threaten to destroy mankind. Hurricane Irma, Jose and Katina, please just go away. Please.


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