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Let me start by saying that I love Charleston. I really do. I love Charleston. Who wouldn't love Charleston? It has been voted number one city in the world like 4 times now, best food city two times, and believe me Charleston deserves it. The people are wonderful, courteous, and compassionate. Charleston has recently been tested with how we pull together as people here. The Charleston 9 fire, the Emmanuel church shooting, the police shootings, all test. There were outsiders who came to our city and tried to get everyone to protest and cause a fuss,  well guess what, you were told by us to get out and don't try that shit here! The people here truly stick together, whites, blacks, every race! And the city's architecture is beautiful with deep ties in history. It is full of great food and restaurants, great landmarks, and surrounded by waterways that keep going.
   So why am I leaving? Because the word has gotten out and everyone knows how beautiful it is here and how great everyone is. So guess what? Now everyone wants to move here! EVERYONE! The growth is suffocating me. I'm disgusted at how many apartment buildings are going up and not just small ones with less than 20 Apartments. I'm talking multi-level, 100+ Apartments everywhere you look! Ridiculous! Of course, when more people move here, that means more traffic. That I think is the worst of it, it really is. I am ready to spread my wings and fly free of this place that I used to consider home. Now I know how strange it is talking about people moving here and me, I'm not originally from here. I was born in Guam and been to a couple other places and lived in Kansas for a short time but ended up here in Charleston with my family. That was when I was in 4th grade and getting ready to go into 5th grade. So I can also be blamed for contributing to the overcrowding of Charleston. Now I know it's also wrong talking about how many people come here to visit and then end up moving here eventually, considering I am in the tourist industry at both of my jobs. I know that people are the ones that keep the city going with the tourism industry but just to say it out loud... I'm tired of it!
   There is a vast world out there, and I am ready to see it. I am not going to let anything hold me down and hold me back anymore. I am ready to explore and discover new places. I am starting this blog to record my adventures in hopes to inspire others who say that they would love to do what I'm going to do but just can't because that is not in my vocabulary anymore! I will, I can, I am.
   What am I going to do, you may wonder. I'm getting in our motorhome, which I have named gima-ta (which means "our home" in Chamorro) and getting the hell out of Charleston. My beautiful Charleston...goodbye, I love you, I'll miss you, kiss my ass!


  1. Finally figured out how to read this. Lol yes please laugh, momma is trying tho.


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