The Storytellers

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone. It could be true, it could be made up, it could be a little bit of both. But it is interesting to hear stories regardless of the truth to it. I am a lover of stories and I think that is why I like the movie "Big Fish". The movie is based on stories and whether they are true or not, the point was that stories should be enjoyed while there is still time. Now drama and stories are two completely different things and drama is what I'm trying to get away from and stories are what I am wanting to hear. I want to travel to also meet new people and hear what they have to share with me. I want to hear about what others are remembering what is important in their lives. I want to hear their stories and where they have been. I hear so much drama when I come to work and listen to others talk shit about everyone and it is so draining and irritating to me. I have been only been working in the city market for 8 years, where others have been here 20+ years, and I have heard so much trash talking and complaining to last a lifetime of fueling a headache. I'm tired of the drama. On the subject of complaining, aka bitching, I would like to say that I hate it. Why complain if you won't do anything about it? Now I am guilty of bitching, but I am truly working on controlling my tongue. It doesn't do any good and it does nothing but stress you out. I mostly do it while driving, and that is because no one can drive here in Charleston.
  Back on the subject of storytellers. I believe that I've heard more stories from people that are visiting Charleston than the ones already living here. Hotel bars are where I have met some of the most interesting people so far. I think I may start taking pics of people that I meet and tell others their stories. I should've already been doing this but that is ok, I'll start now. I have heard of why others are in town visiting, and where they are going, and why they are where they at in their lives. Many people have sometimes told me more than I sometimes want to hear, but that is also ok, I guess that is because I am a good listener. I have been told that I am easy to talk to on multiple occasions and that is a compliment to me. I am ready to hear from the storytellers that I plan on encountering on my life journey and plan on being a storyteller to others also. I will listen and I will tell. Talk on storytellers.
    I met a few people recently at my job and they had the most interesting stories and lives, that I had to give them a mention here. First, there was a couple from New Zealand that shared all the differences in culture and the basic way of life. They were both very sweet and knowledgeable. I only had the chance to speak with them on 2 different nights and I was hungry for info on the mystical and beautiful New Zealand. It is for sure on my list. I did get their contact info so when I do make it there, I will be sure and visit with them. Another interesting person was a guy from Detroit that has been through a bunch in his life and had a tough job since he was 20. I praise people who do what he did and to come out of that line of work into a completely opposite one, but still do the world good. This man helps people now and has for his whole life. He has a great outlook on life and I am glad to say I met him. I am going to definitely visit that city and get a tour from one who has seen it all, most likely. Then there was this one guy who put a bit of spice into every subject that was discussed. He was here for a couple of weeks, so there was a show quite often! Sometimes he was vulgar, sometimes kinda rude, but sweet and entertaining!  I think that is going to be the most fun part of the upcoming journey, meeting new people and hearing more stories!! YES bring it on life!


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