Every road, highway, or interstate has them. Advertising is everywhere you look. There are billboards and signs telling us what we should and shouldn't buy. It is a race for money is all it is. And it is kind of pathetic and sad. The need for more than the basic necessities has got everyone in an uproar to get the best and to one-up the other person. I have changed my way of thinking in perspective to buying in that I no longer buy just because something is on sale and that I may use it or wear it one day. I have been doing very good at telling myself no and that I don't need something and only buying if I absolutely love it or need it. There has been something in the back of my mind for years telling me to stop shopping and not buy so much crap. I have finally listened to my gut. It's not like I had a big problem with shopping, far from it, but I still shopped just to have something to do. Most of my clothes and shoes came from my Mom, sister, or friends and I started to have a collection going on. I think I might have had at one point about 100 pairs of shoes and only wore about 3 of them. I am down to about 10 pairs and am going to go even lower. I can't even listen to radio ads without getting irritated nowadays. I barely watch any tv, but when I do I have to ignore the commercials. It is sad what companies will say to get you to buy their products or services. I want to give in to what I don't like or believe in. I'm just tired of the bs, the fake and annoying propaganda and people. Ok. Rant over. Thank you for reading this advertising for the banning of advertising. Haha


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