Explain the rudeness...PLEASE

Being miserable stresses you out. It has been proven to not be a healthy thing to be stressed all the time. Why do so many people want to be unhealthy by being upset? I really just do not understand why so many find it ok to be so rude. Yes, I understand that there may be hidden things going on in ones' life, but why take it out on others? I try not to bring any issues I may be having to my place of employment, so why bring it to me?
I work part-time now in the Charleston City Market, in the heart of downtown, I have been down here for 8 years. This is where I see the unhappiness the most. Most of the folks walking through the market are on vacation, you would think that they would be happy and nice. I encounter so many that don't even acknowledge me when I greet them. I always hope that they just don't speak English, but if we are the only ones in the room, please know that I am not talking to myself. Even if you don't understand what I'm saying, nod your head, or wave, or flip me off...something, anything!! Why ignore me? I smile at everyone, most of the time, and I see thousands of tourons (moron tourists, if you didn't know) moping through here, looking mad and upset. Now it's not all tourists who are miserable and rude, but it is about 80%. I try my hardest to smile at the unhappy ones and make jokes with the rude ones. I try and that is about the extent of my capabilities. Life is constantly throwing obstacles and roadblocks to try and deter you from living and being happy, but in my opinion, dealing with your problems is what everyone does in their own way, but why be sad when doing it? I have been asked by friends "why are you so happy all the time", I should respond with "why are you so unhappy". But instead I usually just say "why not".  I know that there is no changing others and the way they think and feel, but I am going to continue to try and make my smile infectious. 


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