I can't dance, I can't sing

      I can't dance, I can't sing, but I still do it anyway, and with a smile that I've been told is infectious or contagious, whichever. I have tried my whole life to eliminate the word can't out of my vocabulary, and so far it has been somewhat successful. When someone tells me "I can't" do something, Just like most it makes me want to do it even more or at least try to. I strive to better myself in a way that only makes me appreciative. Meaning, I only do things to improve myself to make me feel better. Does that make sense? I hope that doesn't sound too selfish. When I like music💃I dance and move my body to the music, and I really do not care what anyone thinks of me. So I'll continue to dance. Without care. I am not that person who follows what others do or say. I do have acquaintances who feel the need to fit in and who do things to please others, and it really is sad, but hey, to each their own. I'm guilty of it too. In my opinion, that is not thinking for yourself. Why should you care what other people are saying, or what they are doing? You should all be an individual and do what you want and not let others change you. "Could you be loved" by the legendary Bob Marley is a great song to interpret what I'm trying to say. "We have a mind of our own" You don't have to be something your not in order to be loved. Reggae is the best music to groove to and to feel good too. I love all kinds of music and I do believe it is soothing to the soul and it does heal. To heal your soul and dance and sing all you want and just don't worry about anyone else's opinion!


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