I want to live

Courtesy of The Travel Bible 
  I read an article recently in a magazine that said you should declare your intentions on why you want to travel. It said one should share why one chose to travel. Are you traveling to check off your bucket list? Or at a crossroads? I personally am traveling to see the world and explore. Yes, it is to bring peace to myself and to give myself the freedom to do what I want. I do not want to work my life away. And in response to sharing my upcoming adventures, I've told many. I actually bring it up to probably everyone I have a conversation with. Strangers are excited for me, friends are probably getting tired of it! I speak of it on a constant basis. I can't help it, it's all I think about. I want to apologize to all of you who are irritated by my constant talk about my dreams that I'm making a reality! I'm also sorry that you don't have a dream or who aren't passionate about it, because if you did have aspirations, I would get support and compassion. But that is just my opinion, and that may not be the case and that is ok. Everyone has their reasons for their way of thinking.
    I plan on putting my whole self and soul into seeing the world so I may enjoy the time that is left for me. "Everyone dies, but not everyone lives." That is an inspiring line that grabbed me when I first heard it many years ago. I know there is a book written by M. S. Bickford which I haven't read yet, but plan on it soon. I'm always looking into books that have I've been told I should read.  There are a few quotes that catch my attention and make me think deeper into the meaning and I should have written them down at the time, but didn't. I now have this forum to spiel whatever my thoughts are and share them with the world.


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