I WILL lose friends...

     It is inevitable. I will lose many friends shortly, or even friends who I thought were friends or so-called acquaintances.  I will leave and only my true people, those who are genuine and not fake, will keep in touch with us. I have always been honest with everyone I meet and take to heart the word of someone else. Some will be equally honest back and some will lie straight to your face. Being honest and open is really what makes a person distinguishable and loyal. I often think and wonder if someone ever feels guilty for not being a good person? Not so much a good person, but at least true. There might be a few friends who keep in touch for a short time, then slowly fade away. I am going to probably be guilty of not keeping in touch. I have a couple of friends who I only speak to now periodically, but they are true friends in the way that we always know we can count on each other. We always pick up and know we are always going to be close and can tell each other anything. We could go for 6 months without talking and are ok with that because we are like that. I am lucky to have just a couple of great friends in my life. I would rather have a few good ones than a bunch of fake ones. All this that I am writing kind of sounds like something a high schooler would say. Well, I have been saying that same thing since I was in high school and will continue to feel the same way always. Life goes on and I will continue to be who I am and if someone doesn't like me or the way I am, please feel free to continue on in your own life and write your own story. And please stop worrying about my way.
     I am so excited to be on my way and to meet new people. Not only am I anxious about new scenery, but I am also excited about new friends I'm going to make along the way while I journey through the country. I plan on having many campfire nights and water-filled days with different people all the time. Even though I am contempt with being by ourselves, I would love to hear stories from new folks with their own stories is what will make this journey worthwhile! I will also share with others my own adventure stories. I also think I will start to send postcards to friends instead of texting or email, why not? It's more personal and memorable. I used to love writing letters to friends and family, so I'm ecstatic to do it again!! Goodbye friends, hello new ones!!!


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