Sunsets and Moonbeams

There are so many beautiful people and things in this world but I don't think I have ever seen anything as beautiful as a sunset over open water. Ok, that is a fib. I cannot say that that I have ever seen anything as beautiful as a sunset, because I have seen millions of beautiful things so far in my 42 years in this wide, wide world and plan on seeing millions more. Just recently, on August 21st, I was blessed to see a rare sight that most only see once in their lives. I saw a total solar eclipse that lasted a minute and a half for us here in Charleston. That will be my last big event that will forever be in my top 10 memories here. The eclipse was a spectacular sight that made me tear up and be overjoyed with happiness. Yes, that was me... crying over a natural phenomenon. I was not making a big deal beforehand like most of America did, but I was excited when the day came to actually see it. I first thought I was going to see the event from the roof of the round Holiday Inn, which is a whopping 14 floors and a bunch of us were actually up there, and about three of us left the roof to go downstairs and outside to see it with the landscape surrounding you. You see, the roof has a very high wall all the way around (probably 10 feet high) and the only thing visible was the sky. I wanted to see the environment as a whole and not just the sky. But anyway, it was very beautiful.
Alrighty now, it is time to get back on the original subject or opinion should I say. The title is just a shortened version of the topic at hand and that is nature and the beauty that comes from it.
One of my favorite quotes. There are a bunch of quotes that pertain to my dreams and some that are just genius, so I don't think I could ever narrow down a favorite. The same goes for sunsets, sunrises, and full moons. There will always be a better one, a more spectacular one than the previous one.  They all make me smile and happy, and that is what it is all about, life that is. It is about loving and living and enjoying being who you are and where you are. And being happy while you are alive.
 As I stand here on the battery, I take in this great view of Charleston quite often and I ask myself if I really want to leave this beautiful area. Yes. Everyone is jealous that I get to be here and all want to move here. Good luck and enjoy.


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