Why not to wear heels in Downtown Charleston

   Slate, cobblestone or brick. That is what makes up the sidewalks and streets of Charleston, so if you are thinking of visiting here, be aware of the dangerous ground beneath you. I almost busted my butt this morning on my usual walk/jog in downtown Charleston, and I was wearing tennis shoes and just walking. The slate on the sidewalks juts up all over and every which way. It is very risky to be walking around downtown in shoes that aren't easily walkable in. Heels are for sure going to get stuck in cracks or in the numerous grates all over town. I have seen on multiple occasions, the harm that can come from
someone thinking that they won't have the problem of breaking their ankle or a heel on the streets of Charleston! It is hard enough to walk in heels as it is, so add the equation of messed up streets, and you have a pain in the butt walk on your hands. I couldn't tell you how many times I have had to catch myself from falling down. But is the beauty in wearing heels even worth the pain and hurt that could result in catastrophe? Is the beauty of the slate and cobblestone roads worth even walking down? I personally have always usually preferred to wear flats or something with a slight heel. Why? Because of comfort sillies! Duh! I have never been the one to wear designer things, or because it looks good to others or wearing something because everyone else is. Nope, not me! I like feeling good about myself, don't get me wrong there, but comfort does make me feel good. Not other's opinion of me! And always, if you like heels and prefer to wear them for whatever reason ok, I may put them on once in a great while, but please be careful in the beautiful streets of Downtown Charleston.


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