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The Thanksgiving Day Blues

Could have been the traffic heading to Wal-Mart! 🦃🦃🦃I had a great time today being with family and friends and I am pleased to say that there was no drama at the gathering. The thing today that made me sad was all the cars out and about and all in a hurry and all the restaurants and stores open all day. I remember when there were maybe 5 cars within 10 miles that were out on this holiday that was doing the same thing I was doing, looking for a store that was open because I forgot some milk or needed something. There used to never even be a grocery store open or a convenience store. It's really sad how many people have to work on Thanksgiving. I know a lot of places pay double or holiday pay but still. Thanksgiving is a day to be with your family or loved ones and it should not be called "friendsgiving" or "turkey day get together" it is called Thanksgiving, to be thankful for the ones you have in your life and to be thankful to be alive. I just wanted to

Charleston City Market vendor favorites☺

 EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN THING She does this, she does that, he is good at that and he is good at this. Things are done individually. Everyone does things their own way. He's a great artist, she's jealous cause all she can do is sew. That's ok. Savor what makes you happy. Enjoy what good talents you have enhanced. Why envy others' talents and achievements? Be proud of yourself, and if you find it difficult to find a good quality, Then you should best get started on you.  But still, praise others and enjoy others' happiness. Find your own happiness also,  and your joy. I have found mine in the realization that I'm going to be traveling and living. The overwhelming need to see and be has taken me by the whole. I'm going to do my own thing,  and so should you. Find what makes you happy!    Working in the Charleston City Market for the past 8+ years I've met some very talented artists. Many have been downtown selling their wonderfully unique pieces for

I dont wanna go where you go. 😉

   Why go where everyone goes to on a regular basis? I understand that seeing the same people every day is ok to an extent. But me personally, don't want to go to a place where I can't even move without bumping into someone. Physically. Where there is no room to stand or breathe. I would rather be walking down an empty street or a deserted beach enjoying my surroundings having my own space and area that if I wanted to all of a sudden break into a few spins with my arms flying, then I will. I love my mornings in downtown Charleston. I get the early morning ghost areas, which is fine with me because there are not many people out and about at 6 in the morn! I walk down the same streets that I have been walking down since I was a teenager. So much has changed and many streets are completely foreign to me because of the different buildings or lack of them. But I am going to be doing this in other places, and don't want to see the change from here, but out there. I want to

The sweet smell of pluff mud...

Call me crazy if you must, but I do love the smell of the stinky marsh odor that you smell here in the Lowcountry. I am sure that if I smell that potent smell elsewhere that I will think that I'm driving down Highway 17 south towards Charleston. I am positive I will. I have taken a few short trips and know I am close when I get the aroma of pluff mud filling up my nose. I am grateful for having my sense of smell (even when I have an allergic sneezing fit and can't breathe for an hour) because that is one sense that brings back memories to people in a different way for everyone. A certain smell can make you think about an odd thing or place. I had a conversation with a very nice debutant of a lady and she was telling me a story about how her husband came into her life with a smell. She said that 1st line to me and I of course giggled. She started to tell me her story from many years ago.  She smelt a touch of gardenia coming from the gentleman that had just walked by her

RV Parks in Charleston

   I recently started looking into current prices on parks in the area to put my motorhome at, and I was surprised at some of the prices. There really are only just a few RV parks in Charleston and that was also kind of shocking to most who visit here. There are KOA's of course, but KOA's seem to be the most expensive and over lavished places. Yes, there are a ton of facilities at your disposal, but are the luxuries worth the price? I'm sure to some people it is, but personally, I think I could do without the pool, without the lake and boat rentals. I guess I am more into the basic no-frills type of place. But to each their own. I was just searching for a little getaway from home for the weekend but I decided against it right now, why do it when we will be doing it full time shortly. I do sleep in Gima-ta a few times a week. I just feel so good when I'm in there relaxing. I sleep so much better when I am in there, I don't wake up 5 times a night.    It feels lik

What to do while in Charleston

What to do in Charleston, or should I say, what I have done in Charleston on numerous occasions and don't want to do anymore. I do not mean to sound bitter about this wonderful city I live in, but that is just my opinion. The reason I said that is because I have been here since 4th grade and everywhere I go I see someone I know. I don't have the most perfect memory and on multiple occasions, I have had people from high school come to me and say.."Janille, how have you been?" I know it has happened to most of us. Of course, I am standing there looking like a deer in headlights because I might recognize this person, but hell if I remember names. It is not just the fact that I see people I know everywhere, but that everyone I see, I think I know who they are or have seen them somewhere. Another annoyance is the fact that when you know so many people, there is more drama to be had. Even if I barely know someone, there seems to be bitching or complaining, or just plain