Charleston City Market vendor favorites☺


She does this, she does that, he is good at that and he is good at this. Things are done individually. Everyone does things their own way. He's a great artist, she's jealous cause all she can do is sew. That's ok. Savor what makes you happy. Enjoy what good talents you have enhanced. Why envy others' talents and achievements? Be proud of yourself, and if you find it difficult to find a good quality, Then you should best get started on you.  But still, praise others and enjoy others' happiness. Find your own happiness also,  and your joy. I have found mine in the realization that I'm going to be traveling and living. The overwhelming need to see and be has taken me by the whole. I'm going to do my own thing,  and so should you. Find what makes you happy!
   Working in the Charleston City Market for the past 8+ years I've met some very talented artists. Many have been downtown selling their wonderfully unique pieces for many, many years. A few over 30 years. So listed below are a few local vendors that I favor, and if you ever pass thru Charleston, you should definitely visit these great people or should I say these local artists.

by: Tammy and Matt Varn

Husband and wife team.
They make glorious bottlecap art that is unique like their style. They also use old license plates, signs, and many other "funky" repurposed items. They always have something different for everyone. They are always taking donations of bottlecaps too.

Island Time Signs
by: Andy Smith

Andy is known as a permanent fixture in the city market and is always in a great mood. He is laid back and just one of the "cool kids" haha!! He makes hilarious signs that make you stand there and read them all. If you happen to be there around Halloween, your in for a treat, Andy is always wearing something original. He did smash his iPad and gave up social media, so you will have to connect by going to see him!
The Basket Makers
Many different men and women are so talented in their weaving. Most of the weavers don't like their pics being taken so keep that in mind if you visit. love you all.

Ocean Treasures Glycerine Soaps and Healing Lotions 
by Joanna Ormond
This sweet lady has every kind and shape of soap that you can imagine. She's also been in a few movies. Superstar!!

Lost Treasures
by: Heidi Olsen Ackerman
Very cool record bowls, purses, shark teeth, an array of original stuff that makes you stop and look. I've known this woman for probably 20 years. Always smiling and full of energy. Love ya!!

And a few other vendors you can't miss in the market:
Paul Silva Gallery
A Corner On The Market
Gitas Gourmet
Charleston Shoe Co.
Charleston Hat Man
Old World Glass Studio

And many, many more that I will eventually have to say goodbye to.


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