I dont wanna go where you go. 😉

 Why go where everyone goes to on a regular basis? I understand that seeing the same people every day is ok to an extent. But me personally, don't want to go to a place where I can't even move without bumping into someone. Physically. Where there is no room to stand or breathe. I would rather be walking down an empty street or a deserted beach enjoying my surroundings having my own space and area that if I wanted to all of a sudden break into a few spins with my arms flying, then I will. I love my mornings in downtown Charleston. I get the early morning ghost areas, which is fine with me because there are not many people out and about at 6 in the morn!

I walk down the same streets that I have been walking down since I was a teenager. So much has changed and many streets are completely foreign to me because of the different buildings or lack of them. But I am going to be doing this in other places, and don't want to see the change from here, but out there. I want to see the world, but not where everyone else goes, but where everyone wants to go. But not here. Not Charleston. Anywhere but here.


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