The sweet smell of pluff mud...

Call me crazy if you must, but I do love the smell of the stinky marsh odor that you smell here in the Lowcountry. I am sure that if I smell that potent smell elsewhere that I will think that I'm driving down Highway 17 south towards Charleston. I am positive I will. I have taken a few short trips and know I am close when I get the aroma of pluff mud filling up my nose. I am grateful for having my sense of smell (even when I have an allergic sneezing fit and can't breathe for an hour) because that is one sense that brings back memories to people in a different way for everyone. A certain smell can make you think about an odd thing or place. I had a conversation with a very nice debutant of a lady and she was telling me a story about how her husband came into her life with a smell. She said that 1st line to me and I of course giggled. She started to tell me her story from many years ago.  She smelt a touch of gardenia coming from the gentleman that had just walked by her and sat in the booth next to her in a small local diner in the middle of South Carolina. She said that she could smell it strongly. She proceeded to tell me how her mother had passed away weeks before her encounter with this fragrant man and her mother always had gardenias in a vase at their dinner table, so it was a memorable smell for her. She said she couldn't contain herself any longer so she got up and asked the gentlemen why he smelled so strongly of gardenias. He pulled out a gardenia flower from his suit pocket and proceeded to tell this stranger that he had just come from his mother's funeral and her favorite flower was gardenias. So they sat in this diner until they closed 8 hours later talking and falling in love right there. With the sweet smell of a flower and the memory that lingers with it.

My point of that story is that smells can do wonders for your memories. There are so many things out there that can heighten your senses,  so use them well and remember many.


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