The Thanksgiving Day Blues

Could have been the traffic heading to Wal-Mart!
🦃🦃🦃I had a great time today being with family and friends and I am pleased to say that there was no drama at the gathering. The thing today that made me sad was all the cars out and about and all in a hurry and all the restaurants and stores open all day. I remember when there were maybe 5 cars within 10 miles that were out on this holiday that was doing the same thing I was doing, looking for a store that was open because I forgot some milk or needed something. There used to never even be a grocery store open or a convenience store. It's really sad how many people have to work on Thanksgiving. I know a lot of places pay double or holiday pay but still. Thanksgiving is a day to be with your family or loved ones and it should not be called "friendsgiving" or "turkey day get together" it is called Thanksgiving, to be thankful for the ones you have in your life and to be thankful to be alive. I just wanted to vent how irritated I was to see so many people out and about. I know a whole lot of people were out there just to go shopping because the Black Friday sales that used to be only on Friday have now poured into Thanksgiving. So now everyone goes shopping on Thanksgiving because all the stores are open and nobody cares anymore about the value of taking a day off and enjoying yourself and your family. I don't even want to get on the subject of shopping on Black Friday but I will just say this one little thing about it, I hate it I hate it I hate it never have I ever been out in that mess and never have I needed anything that much that was on sale that it couldn't wait. I know a lot of people just buy things because they are on sale and that is sad but that is the way a lot of people have been brought up! I just hope that one day it will go back to being where nobody cared that much about shopping and about going out and then Thanksgiving maybe one day everyone will stay at home and eat and eat and eat and watch football.


  1. Sending you loads of good luck on your future RV travels. I did it alone for 8 years and loved it. I am still living in my RV too. I write a blog about it. Have fun and getting rid of all that stuff is very healing in a strange positive way.

    1. Thank you miss mermaid for the encouraging words! I am now following your blog, very interesting travels you have had, from what I've read so far. And yes I do feel better every time I get rid of more stuff!! Hopefully we'll meet on the road sometime!


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