What to do while in Charleston

What to do in Charleston, or should I say, what I have done in Charleston on numerous occasions and don't want to do anymore. I do not mean to sound bitter about this wonderful city I live in, but that is just my opinion. The reason I said that is because I have been here since 4th grade and everywhere I go I see someone I know. I don't have the most perfect memory and on multiple occasions, I have had people from high school come to me and say.."Janille, how have you been?" I know it has happened to most of us. Of course, I am standing there looking like a deer in headlights because I might recognize this person, but hell if I remember names. It is not just the fact that I see people I know everywhere, but that everyone I see, I think I know who they are or have seen them somewhere. Another annoyance is the fact that when you know so many people, there is more drama to be had. Even if I barely know someone, there seems to be bitching or complaining, or just plain old crap. I am tired of hearing all this negativity!! And some of it is coming from me! It is spreading to me like crazy. Staying here is driving me mad! Making me mean! Making me be negative nelly!!! I come to work, all I hear is complaining about this person and that person. Stop it! Love people, love. In short, the things to do are enjoyable, just not getting to or other distractions that come with it.
   Ok, on to what you clicked on this for, Charleston to do's. (In my opinion, meaning what I enjoy doing)

⚾ The Riverdogs. Our local team, known for being partly owned by Bill Murray (#billmurrayforpresident) It's a great time with good food, alcohol, Charlie the Riverdog and a game.

๐Ÿ„ Beach day. There are quite a few beaches around to enjoy surfing,  shore fishing,  tanning, shell collecting, or just enjoying nature.  There is Edisto, Folly, IOP, Sullivan's, Kiawah, and Seabrook. There are also a ton of waterways to float down, boat down, fish from and enjoy.

๐Ÿฝ The food at any restaurant. Everyone has their item opinion on the best restaurant in Charleston, and there are just too many to choose from. I enjoy the food I cook best, but eat out, enjoy and try many places and find your own favorite.

๐ŸธDrink, Drink, Drunk. Along with restaurants, there are many bars also. Charleston was once voted drunkest city!?! So try many and expand your usual routine and click.

๐Ÿคน Entertainment. Every weekend or every day for that matter has something going on.  There is always a concert, a festival, fundraiser,  or something happening. The City Paper is a good avenue for knowing what's happening around the town.

๐Ÿ’ The Stingrays. Our local hockey team. Another fun thing to do during the season. With good food, alcohol, and hopefully a great fight or 2!

 ⏳ History. There is so much of it here in Charleston. You have multiple forts: Sumter, Moultrie, and Johnson. There is Patriots Point with the battleship USS Yorktown there. There are a few plantations: Magnolia, Middleton, Drayton, and Boone Hall to name a few which have beautiful houses and full of good and bad history. There is the slave market (where I work, which never sold slaves there btw), the Battery, and the Citadel.

 ๐ŸŒณThen there are my 2 favorite places in the area: The Angel Oak tree and Botany Bay. The oak is yes a tree, but it is majestic and magical. I get shivers just thinking of that natural beauty. I can't wait to see the redwoods out west!!! And Botany Bay with yes, trees. It is just awesome how nature took those trees that were once planted with roots and turned them into even more beautiful things while dead...at the beach. It is a wildlife preserve with shells everywhere (which you cannot remove from the beach). This is definitely a photographer's place to be at sunrise/sunset.

*Not completed. There are so many other places not listed, but why not make your own favorites list.


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