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Christmas Love

This morning I woke up with heartache. It is a common thing for me on Christmas eve day. Most of my family moved back to Guam many, many years ago and I have not seen them in a long time. Then there is family elsewhere all over the world, yes I do have some of my people here in Charleston. It does hurt that I can't hug them all. I know I am not the only one who doesn't get to see their family at Christmas and some people do not even have a family to be with. I am very grateful that I have my life and that I have living relatives. There are many that have left this world and it hurts not being able to enjoy the company of those who have gone on to heaven, and I know some people who take death harder than others, but we have to enjoy the time that we did have with them and savor the memories of those gone. My family in Guam celebrate Christmas earlier than here because they are 15 hours ahead of Charleston. Every year more holidays pass, another birthday, another Easter, anothe

Alternate Routes

So here it is 9 months before we begin our journey and our route has changed slightly. That is perfectly a-ok with me though because that is how this entire adventure is going to be.  We don't really have a defined route. It will constantly be changing and giving us challenges and obstacles that we will overcome, fix, use to our advantage or learn from. I am ready for this life change and I am going to adapt to it like nothing I have ever accepted before. I think that is what I am hoping to accomplish in what we are doing, I am wanting change and the challenge to adapt to it. I already know that I am capable of living this free and rugged life that is forthcoming. I am willing, ready, and able to give up common luxuries that many people have grown accustomed to and cannot live without. Well, folks, I am more than happy to inform you that I don't need 10,000 dishes, or 50,000 shoes to make me happy. I think that this freedom is going to make me happier than anything right now

Turning Sunday drives into everyday drives

   I used to have every Sunday off from work and used to take random drives to wherever. When I say wherever it means locally around the Lowcountry area (Charleston is known to be part of the Lowcountry which means we are a low laying area below sea level which includes many areas in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties, which equals to frequent flooding). I would just get in the car and drive randomly either north, south, east, or west, and decide where I was going to turn mostly when we arrived at that turn. A couple of times I did venture to Savannah, Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, Pawley's Island, Walterboro, Yemassee, and Beaufort to name a few. I enjoyed the freedom of just going where I wanted to go. Sometimes we would stumble upon a flea market or a craft fair and one time we found a water festival. It is great to just be in a new place to see new buildings with different architecture and a new vibe that it heightens my senses as I look around and take it all in. I

Falling leaves

I used to love every season and all kinds of weather, but just recently I think I decided to be in love with only fall and the weather that comes with it. I smile every time I see leaves of different colors falling from the trees just blowing in the wind. The colors of these trees before they lose their leaves are so colorful and bright with the muted dark tones of orange, yellow, red, and green that these dark colors bring happiness to my soul. Living in Charleston most of my life has deprived me of the beauty of fall. We barely have an autumn season or a winter, just a season that I have named as "hot". I am so excited to see the many colors of the fall season all over the USA! I have seen so many pics from others of the beautiful landscapes that could only have been taken during this magical time of year. Here it is the beginning of December and the leaves are just turning colors. There is more to fall than the colorful leaves that excite my senses, li

Curves and Collards of Edisto

Caught Nic off guard again! Never lacking a multitude of churches I have a thing for moss ;)   There is something to say for places that catch your heart and you do not know why. Edisto is one of these places. The land, the beach, the houses, the people, and most importantly...the feel. It must be the atmosphere that grabs me and makes me love the area. Edisto does have Botany Bay in its area, so that may be a big part of it. I don't like the slope of the underwater drop-offs little ways in the water, so it has been a long time since I was in the water there. Another reason I doubt I'll ever get in the water there is the knowledge of many sharks that are ever-present in the beautiful dark waters of the South Carolina Atlantic coastline. 🌊⛱ There are a couple of roads that take you to this (getting more popular every day) area on one road that will fascinate you and make you smile. And if you have ever been to Edisto you will know about the curvy roads heading th