Alternate Routes

So here it is 9 months before we begin our journey and our route has changed slightly. That is perfectly a-ok with me though because that is how this entire adventure is going to be.  We don't really have a defined route. It will constantly be changing and giving us challenges and obstacles that we will overcome, fix, use to our advantage or learn from. I am ready for this life change and I am going to adapt to it like nothing I have ever accepted before. I think that is what I am hoping to accomplish in what we are doing, I am wanting change and the challenge to adapt to it. I already know that I am capable of living this free and rugged life that is forthcoming. I am willing, ready, and able to give up common luxuries that many people have grown accustomed to and cannot live without. Well, folks, I am more than happy to inform you that I don't need 10,000 dishes, or 50,000 shoes to make me happy. I think that this freedom is going to make me happier than anything right now. My path may change again before I realize it. I may change my mind and buy a boat, or move to the mountains. I need to get away from drama, bullshit, and concrete (not asphalt). I am altering my life and will be in a constant state of change from here on out. Life is definitely full of different paths and roads and I whole heartily agree that we all take our own paths and make our own decisions in which whether they were the right ones or not, you have to accept it and deal with it. I do keep getting asked if we have a plan and if we mapped out a route yet. Umm, no not necessarily. At least we know which state we are going to 1st, that we know! And then guess what... we are going to take every alternate route we can!! GO GIMA-TA!!!πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΊπŸšŽ


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