Christmas Love

This morning I woke up with heartache. It is a common thing for me on Christmas eve day. Most of my family moved back to Guam many, many years ago and I have not seen them in a long time. Then there is family elsewhere all over the world, yes I do have some of my people here in Charleston. It does hurt that I can't hug them all. I know I am not the only one who doesn't get to see their family at Christmas and some people do not even have a family to be with. I am very grateful that I have my life and that I have living relatives. There are many that have left this world and it hurts not being able to enjoy the company of those who have gone on to heaven, and I know some people who take death harder than others, but we have to enjoy the time that we did have with them and savor the memories of those gone. My family in Guam celebrate Christmas earlier than here because they are 15 hours ahead of Charleston. Every year more holidays pass, another birthday, another Easter, another Thanksgiving, another Christmas and I feel guilt for not being able to travel there to be with them. Money is not everything, but it takes a pretty penny to get there. And I also am worried that if I travel to Guam, I won't want to ever leave. Now don't get me wrong, I am so very grateful for who I get to be around for the holidays and I know that it is about what is in your heart and the joy of celebrating our lives.
    I am going to pass along a feel-good story that just recently had me crying in joy. December 21, just the other day I met a sweet couple at the hotel bar I work at and they had with them their daughter and 5-month old granddaughter Zoey, who was dressed in an adorable Christmas outfit! Baby Zoey had a condition that required heart surgery in order for her to make it to live another month. This amazing baby had surgery and was out of ICU by Saturday night! The grandparents told me this information and just made my day. While everyone is out there worried about if they bought enough presents, this family is spending their Christmas in the hospital. They also had their other daughter get into a really bad accident the other night. Car totaled, smashed, and she survived with minor injuries. My heart was full of joy at the thought that they are being challenged and they are overcoming what is being thrown at them. There is someone looking out for that family. I only knew this family for a couple hours, but after talking with them, I felt like they were my own family. There are families all over the world who will be in the hospital for the holiday seasons and it makes you double think about what we all need to grateful for, and that is life and love. 
  So I may feel a little heartbroken for not being able to be with my loved ones all the time, but I am ok and try to spread my love to as many as I can and try to think of others and pray for everyone that needs it. To my family in Guam and all over the world, I love you all with my heart and soul and I wish ya'll a Merry Christmas!


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