Curves and Collards of Edisto

Caught Nic off guard again!

Never lacking a multitude of churches

I have a thing for moss ;)
  There is something to say for places that catch your heart and you do not know why. Edisto is one of these places. The land, the beach, the houses, the people, and most importantly...the feel. It must be the atmosphere that grabs me and makes me love the area. Edisto does have Botany Bay in its area, so that may be a big part of it. I don't like the slope of the underwater drop-offs little ways in the water, so it has been a long time since I was in the water there. Another reason I doubt I'll ever get in the water there is the knowledge of many sharks that are ever-present in the beautiful dark waters of the South Carolina Atlantic coastline. 🌊⛱ There are a couple of roads that take you to this (getting more popular every day) area on one road that will fascinate you and make you smile. And if you have ever been to Edisto you will know about the curvy roads heading there. You know you can be going 60 and then go down to 35 quickly with her right in front of you. Or maybe you are the one that continues to take the turns like a NASCAR Legend and who made tinkle of it when they realize how sharp the curves were and maybe they shouldn't have been going 70 around the curves. Then there is the tree. Well there are actually two trees that I should mention. First, the mystery tree has been decorated time and time again with the seasons or holidays. It is a lonely tree a small way off the road in the marshy area right across the entrance to botany bay. It is something that every time you go out to Edisto it wouldn't be right if you didn't turn your head to the right to see the decorative and colorful landmark saying your almost to Edisto! 


Then there's this. This has been here for a long time and you always look for it when leaving the beach. The hula girl tree says bye when you're coming off the bridge leaving Edisto. It has always been a strange thing to most, but a common thing to stare at when going by. I recently went to an awesome Halloween party that I've been going to for 4 years out at horseshoe creek near Walterboro and there were many I knew with great costumes on. My friends Megan on the right was a hunter, and Ashley on the left was the hula girl tree! Amazingly creative! I love Halloween and Edisto! Well if you ever make it to Edisto, look for the trees and botany bay. ⛱🌊🌞

   There is so much good food to be found in Charleston and the surrounding areas to be found. I know many other towns are finally starting to realize that local homegrown food is the way to go. It is the healthier way and better way. I love to see the roadside stands full of produce that local farmers want to share. Why is this not the only place to buy veggies and fruit? I am excited to start traveling and to buy all my veggies from roadside stands!! There are many fields full of food as you drive towards Edisto that makes me want to know these hard-working people that labor over the lands to magically produce something to provide us life. There is a market called Kings Market that has been in their family with 6 generations and it is right off of the highway heading into Edisto which you must stop by! This little market has the most delicious pies there and they also have jams, jellies, soups, and desserts. I was there recently and was in awe (as always) at the looks of the fresh vegetables. They were plump and natural. There were no coatings of wax on any of these fresh fruits and veggies! And the collards! Oh my, the collard bunches were so big and green that my mouth was watering just looking at them. There were so many different homemade pies there like apple, seafood, onion, and tomato. Where else can you get seasonal ice cream? At Kings Market ya'll!! So this is my love for quaint little Edisto. It is where Botany Bay should be seen by everyone and the love should be enjoyed and experienced by all. Thanks for reading my opinionated opinions!


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