Falling leaves

I used to love every season and all kinds of weather, but just recently I think I decided to be in love with only fall and the weather that comes with it. I smile every time I see leaves of different colors falling from the trees just blowing in the wind. The colors of these trees before they lose their leaves are so colorful and bright with the muted dark tones of orange, yellow, red, and green that these dark colors bring happiness to my soul. Living in Charleston most of my life has deprived me of the beauty of fall. We barely have an autumn season or a winter, just a season that I have named as "hot". I am so excited to see the many colors of the fall season all over the USA! I have seen so many pics from others of the beautiful landscapes that could only have been taken during this magical time of year. Here it is the beginning of December and the leaves are just turning colors.

There is more to fall than the colorful leaves that excite my senses, like bonfires and the smell of smoke from them. Yeah, I know that seems strange, oh well. I also love an oyster roast, frogmore stew, fresh pumpkin pie, and of course the temperature. Now I don't think that I don't like the summertime, spring or the winter, because I do like all the seasons and the variety with them all, but I think I love the fall. Maybe in my upcoming travels, I will learn to love them all and appreciate and adapt to them. I know I will adjust to my surroundings no matter where I go or how far I travel, I will enjoy and embrace all the beauty of nature around me! 


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