Turning Sunday drives into everyday drives

   I used to have every Sunday off from work and used to take random drives to wherever. When I say wherever it means locally around the Lowcountry area (Charleston is known to be part of the Lowcountry which means we are a low laying area below sea level which includes many areas in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties, which equals to frequent flooding). I would just get in the car and drive randomly either north, south, east, or west, and decide where I was going to turn mostly when we arrived at that turn. A couple of times I did venture to Savannah, Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, Pawley's Island, Walterboro, Yemassee, and Beaufort to name a few. I enjoyed the freedom of just going where I wanted to go. Sometimes we would stumble upon a flea market or a craft fair and one time we found a water festival. It is great to just be in a new place to see new buildings with different architecture and a new vibe that it heightens my senses as I look around and take it all in. I want to experience this feeling all the time while traveling around and seeing new small towns with new things for me to see and enjoy. I want to be able to feel like another Sunday drive without the worry of trying to figure out what time to head home and be prepared for an upcoming workday. Oh yes, I am ready to make everyday a Sunday drive and open the windows and feel the wind racing by and the feeling of being free from the everyday ruckus and stress of the chaotic mess that I call life right now. I am in such anxious anticipation of leaving that I ask myself, can I really wait 10 months to leave? Who made that date anyways? Can I really wait to take my permanent Sunday drive? Hmmmm... I'm really not sure. Is it going to be beneficial to wait that long to leave on this journey? Why not in 5 months? 4 months? I am off to contemplate the leave date. Wish me luck...but until then, I am watching time, its timer ticking.


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