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Puddle Jumpers every day, all day.

There is a constant humming sound that is always coming from the sky down here in Florida. It is now like a grandfather clock in my head, meaning you hear it at first but eventually over time it is there but you never hear it. I am not kidding when I say there are a bunch of small engine planes (puddle jumpers, if you didn't know already) that are constantly flying overhead. Back in Charleston, there is the Charleston Airforce base and also Boeing which had the air area constantly being flown with huge cargo planes, military planes, 747's, 797's, mq25's, dreamlifter's and whatever else they make there or store there. Who knows. Anyways it is different here. There is a large airfield with mostly small privately-owned planes which is different to me like it would be different for you if you live elsewhere. There is also another constant sight here in Titusville which is uncommon, and that is the multitude of skydivers here. It seems like every day I can look up at t…

Florida we have arrived!!!

Hafa afai florida!!! 
(Written 3 days ago) yes I know, I'm slack.
Here it is the first day of fall and we have made it to Florida. When we first decided to start traveling it was the plan that we were going to take our time, but plans change and we adapt. We sold our 31' motorhome to go smaller and packed up our minimal belongings and went ahead to Florida to buy a smaller one. I'm going to enjoy every second that I have left to live and I'm going to do whatever it is that needs doing. So here we go on our quest to find a smaller more economical van like home. Yes I'm looking for a new GIMA-TA! πŸ˜‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΊπŸ˜ƒ❤ Hopefully, now it will only be a few months in Florida and then onward towards another place or adventure, or should I say both another place and adventure at the same time.

Spontaneous behavior at its best

Here it is...3 days after our departure date had passed to leave this beautiful city and I'm not the least bit upset about the delay. It was our own doing. And for a damn good reason! We sold our motorhome! Yes, I'm happy, and yes we are continuing with our passion to travel! We decided at the last minute that if we were to continue on our way to travel the country, that we wanted to do it in something smaller. It has been only 8 months of living in this 31' beauty, and we will miss her greatly. The time has been great and we realized after downsizing from a 3 bedroom house, that we are more than capable of downsizing even more. So that became our new present goal that I knew we would succeed at! So yes I'm happy we will soon be headed to Florida to see my mama, to get a smaller Gima-ta (my home in the Chamorro language) and to take life as it comes and to enjoy life as it is. We will do what we please and be spontaneous every step of the way. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ❤πŸ˜ƒ

Cemetery Day

I don't care if you try and deny it, but we all have great feelings for cemeteries, whether it be scared, sad, fascinated, or happy. These places that have forever been on sacred and blessed grounds are in one way or another touching us as we walk through headstone and flower-filled rows of our dead ancestors or newly deceased family. I personally get a feeling of awe. I am fascinated at the decorative mausoleums and headstones that adorn some of the grounds that hold the remains of our loved ones. There are stone angels, animals, Saints, and an array of other interesting things that make me want to go to more cemeteries. I have been to quite a few cemeteries around Charleston (because who wouldn't live here) and there are some old ones with some old dates associated with them and today I forgot there was one that I had never been to for some odd reason. It was the Magnolia Cemetery along with 3 or 4 other one's next door, like the Bethany Cemetery, St. Lawrence Cemetery…

Sweet, sweet Wadmalaw

There aren't too many roads on Wadmalaw but the few long ones there are beautiful ones. Right now the trees are turning green and hanging over the road and the grass is still partially brown with leaves from the"Charleston harsh" winter. There are bright green patches of grass popping out all along the road and it's a happy thing to see spring finally here! (I wrote that paragraph 2 months ago.)
When I was younger I used to only hear about living on Wadmalaw Island and now I am temporarily living here. I've taken rides out to Wadmalaw when I was younger but only half-ass remember them. Those were those long country road rides and this was before there were new houses and condos. It was just small houses all over John's Island, Wadmalaw, Edisto, Ravenel, even Mount Pleasant was considered country at one point. I guess everywhere was all country before humans took it all over.

I have never seen more people care about the roads and trash along the main road o…

74th Guam Liberation Festival

"HITA"-We, Us

                        Hafa adai 
  I am proud to be born on a small amazing island named Guam. There are many different cultures, lifestyles, and histories from many places, but I can truly say that Chamorros (people from Guam and the language) from Guam are the best there will ever be. I have lived in the U.S. since I was 6 so I don't remember home that well,  but I have kept the love in my heart.  There are a number of people that will tell you how wonderful of a place it is and that the people there are the nicest around. (Even better than Charleston)  I have not met a Chamorro that wasn't kind, that wouldn't help a stranger, that has their heart ready to give to anyone. You don't believe me? Go to the next liberation festival near you. You will meet these awesome people immediately because someone will definitely come over and ask if you need help unloading your car, or if you need help putting up your canopy, or …

Florida mini road trip

Recently we went to Florida and we saw a mac tow truck pulling another mac truck with a full size pick up truck in between them. It was a pretty interesting sight. (I wasn't quick enough to snap a pic). I also saw an 18 wheeler that had a VW mini between the cab and trailer section turned sideways. I wonder if they just used simple ramps to drive the car off and down with. I wasn't quick enough to capture a pic of those fascinating contraptions either. I did get a pic of a car on fire.  A 5 1/2 hour trip ended up taking us 9 hours because of all the wrecks and traffic.

We are always seeing all kinds of interesting things when we take small road trips and that is exciting to see different things on the open road. We are looking forward to our travels so we may see more of the different, the crazy, the normal, well let's just say that we want to see it all!!!

Back the f up negativity. Period.

I'm so tired of hate and drama. I'm getting a bunch of shit because I no longer want to pretend to enjoy having people in my life that are not in this world to be happy or at last put an effort forward to try and not be so rude, upset, or mean. And the sad part is that most people who are like that don't even mean to be that way, they don't even realize that they are being rude or negative. Some bad attitude people have had the same aura about them for so long that they don't even see it, and when they are called out on it, they get offended and defensive. Whoever called them out is the horrible person and is in the wrong. It's ok though.

Yes, I had this recently happen. I told someone about their negative attitude and I was automatically labeled a bitch! I am done with negative people. If you can't be happy or at least happy to be alive, then I don't want you around me. I've always tried to be positive about everything and I'm sorry if some c…