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Jump in the motorhome

  I have found myself listening to songs and making a connection to them about traveling, and I guess that happens a bunch when you are passionate about something. I am definitely anxious about getting out to see everything and you can bet I will be listening to music the whole time. Music is good for your soul! Music has been proven to heal. I like all genres of sound and I am slowly working on a travel playlist which I have found difficult because there is so much out there. I have Spotify, Pandora, and Shazaam on my phone which are all great music apps that I have used regularly. I know there are probably hundreds of music avenues that are out there, but it makes things too complicated for me and I prefer to just keep most things simple. Simple lifestyles are a goal of mine. I have been working on it for some time now. Some friends have made it easy to simplify that part of my life change. And as I always go back to the saying that everything happens for a reason and it is all wor

I want to swim naked in that stream

 Saw this sign at a store recently Yes, I made that my title. I want to swim naked in that stream and I say loosely "that stream" meaning any stream, including any river, any lake, any ocean, and whatever any other body of water that looks tempting enough for me to jump in. I do not really care if there might be a gator nearby, or shrimp jumping around, or even a snake or 2 roaming around near. I am not that scared person that would be deterred by a few animals. Unless of course there are piranhas or leeches in them there waters. I just said I wasn't scared but definitely not stupid. If there is a body of water that looks refreshing and inviting, and without a no trespassing sign, then guess what .. I am jumping in. Not necessarily naked though. That was a drawing in agent to get you to read this. Did it work? But yeah I'll probably be naked! The point that I was trying to originally make is that I am going to do what I want to. I don't have to do something t

Yes it is SNOWING in Charleston!!

   Gizmo and Mary did not like the snow, they did what they had to do and ran quickly back into the house!!   It has been snowing since around 10 am this morning and cold for days now! This is so unusual for it to be like this here. It usually snows every couple of years on an average, and I am talking about a light flurry that usually doesn't stick. This shit is sticking! We have been covered in a beautiful layer of white snow all day. There are numerous pictures being posted and I am not an exception on this at all either. It is rare here so of course, everyone is going to go play in it like we have never seen this wonderous thing derived from Mother Nature (many people experienced their first sight of snow today). I am sure that all that went and played in it either made a small snowman, a snow angel, writing their name or date in it, or half-assed sledding ( made out of either a trash can lid, a plastic tote, or a hood of a car). I don't get on Facebook a bunch anymo

Random Thoughts in Downtown Chucktown

I bet you most people go through life driving down the road or walking down the road or even walking down a beautiful path and don't even notice the sky at all. The ever-changing beautiful sky, that changes within minutes and always different! They could be walking down an awesome alley with nature and flowers all around them and they probably don't even see the beauty in nature and most likely don't even see the big, blue, beautiful sky above them. I pay attention to the sky and the great thing nature has given us. I walk on the opposite side of a street that I've walked down before and I see so much more with just a different view, a different perspective, and it gives me more aawwwhhhh!!  The other day I was walking and realized I was not looking up and around but was fucking looking at my phone. Head down, feet moving, slightly paying attention to my peripheral vision,  and bobbing my head to my music blaring in my ears. No, I wasn't so into my phone that I mi