I want to swim naked in that stream

 Saw this sign at a store recently
Yes, I made that my title. I want to swim naked in that stream and I say loosely "that stream" meaning any stream, including any river, any lake, any ocean, and whatever any other body of water that looks tempting enough for me to jump in. I do not really care if there might be a gator nearby, or shrimp jumping around, or even a snake or 2 roaming around near. I am not that scared person that would be deterred by a few animals. Unless of course there are piranhas or leeches in them there waters. I just said I wasn't scared but definitely not stupid. If there is a body of water that looks refreshing and inviting, and without a no trespassing sign, then guess what .. I am jumping in. Not necessarily naked though. That was a drawing in agent to get you to read this. Did it work? But yeah I'll probably be naked! The point that I was trying to originally make is that I am going to do what I want to. I don't have to do something that I don't want to do anymore. I am going to be free to explore and discover things. I will be free of confinement and stress. I am hoping I encourage others to live a simpler life without drama and pressure. I am ready to live my life and enjoy my surroundings. I am ready!!!! Are you ready to live your life? Most of the people I have told about my upcoming adventures have said that they wish they could do what we are about to do, and I have repeatedly said the same thing to them, "why not?". What is your roadblock? What is your excuse? What holds you? Why can't you go and drive to the next state to find another waterfall? Have you traveled enough to satisfy your yearning for learning? I know I haven't so that is why I am ready to see the beauty that this world has to offer. Starting with the good ole US of A! So if you ever travel to the part of this world that I have been to and you see a stream or a lake, I want to you ask yourself, "did Janille swim there?" Over and out for now. Happy hunting happiness!!!!


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