Jump in the motorhome

  I have found myself listening to songs and making a connection to them about traveling, and I guess that happens a bunch when you are passionate about something. I am definitely anxious about getting out to see everything and you can bet I will be listening to music the whole time. Music is good for your soul! Music has been proven to heal. I like all genres of sound and I am slowly working on a travel playlist which I have found difficult because there is so much out there. I have Spotify, Pandora, and Shazaam on my phone which are all great music apps that I have used regularly. I know there are probably hundreds of music avenues that are out there, but it makes things too complicated for me and I prefer to just keep most things simple. Simple lifestyles are a goal of mine. I have been working on it for some time now. Some friends have made it easy to simplify that part of my life change. And as I always go back to the saying that everything happens for a reason and it is all working in my favor of happiness! Thank you for removing the drama out of me! And I hope that those that did me wrong are stalking me and are realizing that I am happier without the bullshit, aka...you...whoever you may be. Onward to more happiness, forward to living life, the progression of freedom is in my future and that is what matters to me most right now. I can guarantee that music will always be that staple of a thing that will always be there no matter what. I can listen to the songs of nature too that I'm sure will be more enjoyable than any other thing out there. I can lay on the beach for hours listening to the waves crash and be content over and over again. It is my meditation. The music of the ocean has been the most calming natural sound to be out there besides the rain. Maybe I should just say that water is a euphoric sound to my ears. My element in this world is actually the Earth, which is understandable and explainable in my own senses, but I feel water should have been factored in there somewhere because of my love of the stuff! Haha. So on to continuing my search and downloads of the music that I love and to the sounds that make my soul happy! #chamorrohappiness #gimata


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