Yes it is SNOWING in Charleston!!

Gizmo and Mary did not like the snow, they did what they had to do and ran quickly back into the house!!
  It has been snowing since around 10 am this morning and cold for days now! This is so unusual for it to be like this here. It usually snows every couple of years on an average, and I am talking about a light flurry that usually doesn't stick. This shit is sticking! We have been covered in a beautiful layer of white snow all day. There are numerous pictures being posted and I am not an exception on this at all either. It is rare here so of course, everyone is going to go play in it like we have never seen this wonderous thing derived from Mother Nature (many people experienced their first sight of snow today). I am sure that all that went and played in it either made a small snowman, a snow angel, writing their name or date in it, or half-assed sledding ( made out of either a trash can lid, a plastic tote, or a hood of a car). I don't get on Facebook a bunch anymore but I had a bit of extra time and it was enjoyable to see everyone playing in the snow and enjoying themselves rather than the normal bullshit that is posted. Thank you snow and Mother Nature for bringing this wonderful layer of happiness to everyone!!☃☃☃ Sorry for all the following pics. I am just so happy for a change and want to share. 
The morning after


During the first hour

Happiness in


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