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  Tears start to form in my eyes every time I walk around downtown Charleston in the early morning and see people sleeping in the streets everywhere. I see them on the swings at Waterfront park, at the Aquarium, in front of churches, in the alleys, on benches on every street, and even curled up under trees. I try and do a small part to help ones in need and give food when I can and a dollar here and there. I know that I could do more and the guilt of not doing so does hurt my heart and pinches my soul and makes me sad. I know that most of the homeless couldn't prevent their situation and others have chosen that way of life, but either way, I understand that it is hard to get out of a bad situation. I have watched people walk by the homeless and steer clear of them and even go as far as to cross the street to avoid them. I have seen them scared of people who don't have a home if that's not the typical stereotyping. They are humans too and have a heart like everyone else

The temporary move☺

We have officially moved into Gima-ta!!! We have downsized and started the preparations in order to start our adventures. We lived in Ravenel on 2 acres with a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on it and now we are in a 31' motorhome on a friend's property in Wadamalaw! I'm so excited that this is actually going down. Everyone who knows me and sees me can agree that the excitement is written all over my face. It's been a week already of comfortable sleep in our new home and I know every night that this feels so right and that we are doing the right thing. It has felt so good eliminating stuff and crap from my life, I didn't realize how much we have accumulated. Every day it was easier to say I didn't want something and give it away or sell it. We held a yard sale for 3 days, a Saturday, Sunday, and another Saturday in Ravenel (which we didn't think many people would come, considering how far out from the city we were) but we ended up making about $800.!! Most of

The lady by the waterfront...

   There are some people that you meet that just shine with drama, and others try and steer clear of it. There are also those that just are so personable and friendly and easy to talk to. I met a sweet woman while on my morning ventures around downtown Charleston at the waterfront park early this morning. We had 20 different intriguing, elaborate conversations within a 30 minute time period. She was sitting at the end of the dock watching the nonexistent sunrise. While I was walking and watching for the sunrise myself, there was a slither of color with orange and yellow breaking through the incoming rain clouds, but not enough because the color turned to gray quickly. Anyways, I walked to the end of the dock wanting to take a pic and said good morning and that I didn't want to startle her, but I was gonna take a pic of the bridge behind her. Peeping slither of color🌌🌈 That just led to a multitude of conversations that went on and on.  Of course, I told her of my upcoming ad