The lady by the waterfront...

   There are some people that you meet that just shine with drama, and others try and steer clear of it. There are also those that just are so personable and friendly and easy to talk to. I met a sweet woman while on my morning ventures around downtown Charleston at the waterfront park early this morning. We had 20 different intriguing, elaborate conversations within a 30 minute time period. She was sitting at the end of the dock watching the nonexistent sunrise. While I was walking and watching for the sunrise myself, there was a slither of color with orange and yellow breaking through the incoming rain clouds, but not enough because the color turned to gray quickly. Anyways, I walked to the end of the dock wanting to take a pic and said good morning and that I didn't want to startle her, but I was gonna take a pic of the bridge behind her.

Peeping slither of color๐ŸŒŒ๐ŸŒˆ
That just led to a multitude of conversations that went on and on.  Of course, I told her of my upcoming adventure to everywhere and received (as usual) a joyful response with good wishes. Those are the types of people I love to meet. It is great when you can have a conversation with someone you just met and it is like you have known them for a long time. She apologized for her bouncing back and forth from subject to subject and she blamed that on having 2 cups of coffee earlier. I had told her not to apologize because I'm the same way but without the coffee rush! We walked along the waterfront then down East Bay Street and then parted ways without exchanging any other info besides our names and said that maybe we will see each other again while walking around downtown Charleston again. It was nice meeting you, Mary! I just wanted to share my encounter with the strange, but the very interesting lady by the waterfront. As always...thanks for reading my tidbits of randomness!


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