The temporary move☺

We have officially moved into Gima-ta!!! We have downsized and started the preparations in order to start our adventures. We lived in Ravenel on 2 acres with a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on it and now we are in a 31' motorhome on a friend's property in Wadamalaw! I'm so excited that this is actually going down. Everyone who knows me and sees me can agree that the excitement is written all over my face. It's been a week already of comfortable sleep in our new home and I know every night that this feels so right and that we are doing the right thing. It has felt so good eliminating stuff and crap from my life, I didn't realize how much we have accumulated. Every day it was easier to say I didn't want something and give it away or sell it. We held a yard sale for 3 days, a Saturday, Sunday, and another Saturday in Ravenel (which we didn't think many people would come, considering how far out from the city we were) but we ended up making about $800.!! Most of the pieces we sold were $1, that's a bunch of dollar items in my opinion and we still had a bunch leftover. We donated the rest of the things leftover and packed up the family heirlooms and things we were keeping but storing at my wonderfully accommodating sister's house. We kept 2 boxes of china, 1 box of antique books, 1 box of books we couldn't bear to get rid of, and other knick-knack family stuff, so I'm proud of the little amount of packed up things. We had everything packed in the motorhome, storage stuff packed up, house cleaned up and everything ready to go. Now it was time to get across town about 40 miles. We are going to be traveling with 2 small dogs, 3 cats, and a new puppy..( we had 3 puppies at the time of the move though). We moved the motorhome 1st then transported the animals in our car. Let me tell ya how much they liked that!! *sarcasm* The 2 older dogs, Mary and Gizmo were the only ones who were ok with the trip. The puppies had their 1st car ride and weren't too sure about it, going on the fact that they whined almost the whole time. The cats were singing in unison with their deep continuous meows the entire way. Nic was aggravated because he was in the passenger seat having to try and keep them all calm by petting and talking to them, he even tried turning the music up to soothe them. It as musical craziness with all the sounds coming from them. It was kinda humorous to hear all of them. Anyways, we all made it ok. We got hooked up to water, power, and sewage (with some ups and downs), thanks to a good friend and Nic!! We are somewhat settled in for now and are ready to downsize one last time before we leave. I'm extremely grateful to have this wonderful piece of land to park our home before we leave. We are for sure blessed.  Thank you Jamie!!😁😁😁


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