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Florida mini road trip

Recently we went to Florida and we saw a mac tow truck pulling another mac truck with a full size pick up truck in between them. It was a pretty interesting sight. (I wasn't quick enough to snap a pic). I also saw an 18 wheeler that had a VW mini between the cab and trailer section turned sideways. I wonder if they just used simple ramps to drive the car off and down with. I wasn't quick enough to capture a pic of those fascinating contraptions either. I did get a pic of a car on fire.  A 5 1/2 hour trip ended up taking us 9 hours because of all the wrecks and traffic. We are always seeing all kinds of interesting things when we take small road trips and that is exciting to see different things on the open road. We are looking forward to our travels so we may see more of the different, the crazy, the normal, well let's just say that we want to see it all!!! 

Back the f up negativity. Period.

 I'm so tired of hate and drama. I'm getting a bunch of shit because I no longer want to pretend to enjoy having people in my life that are not in this world to be happy or at last put an effort forward to try and not be so rude, upset, or mean. And the sad part is that most people who are like that don't even mean to be that way, they don't even realize that they are being rude or negative. Some bad attitude people have had the same aura about them for so long that they don't even see it, and when they are called out on it, they get offended and defensive. Whoever called them out is the horrible person and is in the wrong. It's ok though. Yes, I had this recently happen. I told someone about their negative attitude and I was automatically labeled a bitch! I am done with negative people. If you can't be happy or at least happy to be alive, then I don't want you around me. I've always tried to be positive about everything and I'm sorry if

The Wait is Starting to Get to Me!!!

  If you have talked to me or seen me recently, you might have been slightly annoyed with me, yes me! I apologize to everyone for my babbling at the mouth about my upcoming travels. I just can't help it! You would all be the same way too. I at least acknowledge that it could be potentially aggravating to hear about it all the time, but yeah, but is all I have to say. I guess it is something that is uncontrollable. If something has you so excited that it is all you can think about then it is usually all you can talk about. It is kinda like being in love. I am in love with my dream. When you talk to someone who is in love that is what comes out of their mouth, everything about what they have become passionate about, all that they think about.    I really feel like I won't make it until we leave in September. I have a ton of control but it might be tough with this one. The wanting of exploring has me so excited that it is testing my patience. So this post is basically an apolog