Florida mini road trip

Recently we went to Florida and we saw a mac tow truck pulling another mac truck with a full size pick up truck in between them. It was a pretty interesting sight. (I wasn't quick enough to snap a pic). I also saw an 18 wheeler that had a VW mini between the cab and trailer section turned sideways. I wonder if they just used simple ramps to drive the car off and down with. I wasn't quick enough to capture a pic of those fascinating contraptions either. I did get a pic of a car on fire.  A 5 1/2 hour trip ended up taking us 9 hours because of all the wrecks and traffic.

We are always seeing all kinds of interesting things when we take small road trips and that is exciting to see different things on the open road. We are looking forward to our travels so we may see more of the different, the crazy, the normal, well let's just say that we want to see it all!!! 


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