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Sweet, sweet Wadmalaw

  There aren't too many roads on Wadmalaw but the few long ones there are beautiful ones. Right now the trees are turning green and hanging over the road and the grass is still partially brown with leaves from the"Charleston harsh" winter. There are bright green patches of grass popping out all along the road and it's a happy thing to see spring finally here! (I wrote that paragraph 2 months ago.) When I was younger I used to only hear about living on Wadmalaw Island and now I am temporarily living here. I've taken rides out to Wadmalaw when I was younger but only half-ass remember them. Those were those long country road rides and this was before there were new houses and condos. It was just small houses all over John's Island, Wadmalaw, Edisto, Ravenel, even Mount Pleasant was considered country at one point. I guess everywhere was all country before humans took it all over. I have never seen more people care about the roads and trash along the main

74th Guam Liberation Festival

                           "HITA"-We, Us                         Hafa adai    I am proud to be born on a small amazing island named Guam. There are many different cultures, lifestyles, and histories from many places, but I can truly say that Chamorros (people from Guam and the language) from Guam are the best there will ever be. I have lived in the U.S. since I was 6 so I don't remember home that well,  but I have kept the love in my heart.  There are a number of people that will tell you how wonderful of a place it is and that the people there are the nicest around. (Even better than Charleston)  I have not met a Chamorro that wasn't kind, that wouldn't help a stranger, that has their heart ready to give to anyone. You don't believe me? Go to the next liberation festival near you. You will meet these awesome people immediately because someone will definitely come over and ask if you need help unloading your car, or if you need help putting up your canopy