Puddle Jumpers every day, all day.

There is a constant humming sound that is always coming from the sky down here in Florida. It is now like a grandfather clock in my head, meaning you hear it at first but eventually over time it is there but you never hear it. I am not kidding when I say there are a bunch of small engine planes (puddle jumpers, if you didn't know already) that are constantly flying overhead. Back in Charleston, there is the Charleston Airforce base and also Boeing which had the air area constantly being flown with huge cargo planes, military planes, 747's, 797's, mq25's, dreamlifter's and whatever else they make there or store there. Who knows. Anyways it is different here. There is a large airfield with mostly small privately-owned planes which is different to me like it would be different for you if you live elsewhere. There is also another constant sight here in Titusville which is uncommon, and that is the multitude of skydivers here. It seems like every day I can look up at the sky and see people falling from the sky. That is something that I would prefer not to do. No thank you. Well maybe, one day... My family bought my mama the chance to skydive (tandem of course) for her 60th birthday and she loved it. She had it videotaped and all and wouldn't hesitate to go again and again! GO MAMA!
It is a beautiful sight to see though, colorful parachutes falling to the Earth with at least 2 or 3 others around them doing the same thing. Falling. Slowly. I do believeTitusville has the I actually have a friend Peggy who got the opportunity to skydive from here also. She loved it. I am glad that everyone loves the temptation of death so near to them, but I'm good here with my feet on the ground looking up at the sky, enjoying the constant hum of planes (which are a few every hour) knowing that I won't be on one of them getting ready to jump out of them. So carry on crazies! I'll be watching you!


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