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Titusville, Florida

  Most towns thrive on that what brings more people, money, fame, and growth and little ole Titusville is no exception to the normal wants of a semi-small town. The claim to fame here is great views of the launches from across the Indian River, aka ICW. (All my own opinion of course) There are references to space all over the area and not just in Titusville, all around the area, and in Orlando, there are random references to the nearby claim to famers.  Many people line the river whenever there is a launch and even more so bring out the food trucks when it is a momentous one, like a shuttle or a rocket carrying humans. There are 3 beaches which are all about 30 minutes or so from Titusville and the closest is Playlinda beach, located along the Canaveral National Seashore, meaning National, meaning government-owned. The Merritt Island National Wildlife Preserve runs along the whole barrier island which does mean that it will never be developed, hopefully. Back to the beaches first, Pla

Ozones, Rockets and Humans

The manned rocket may fly high to the sky today.  Let's celebrate and gather by the thousands to cheer on the future destroyers of Earth, us. Hooray!! Now don't get me wrong, I've been pretty ignorant over the years and was a cloned robot like the many others and gathered outside to witness a spectacular thing and said my ohhhs and awwwhhhsss without thinking about the damage that is being done each and every time something is flung through our ozone, our atmosphere, our protective air layer. Do you know how many satellites are in our atmosphere? Do you know how big the International Space Station is and how many trips it took to take all the parts there? Google that shit. Now. Stop reading and Google "how many satellites are in outer space"... there's a bunch. I appreciate the Awesomeness of it, I really do, it's cool. I've scheduled trips over the years to visit my mama in Florida around the shuttle and rocket launches and a number of them have been

Ready Again.

My anxious attitude is starting to shine and radiate out of me like any other glorious feeling of should've already happened. Did ya get that? Sooooo, lived in a house then I had a 31' motorhome, sold it, and bought a van. It is almost ready to be on a long trip road, but am I?! Again I am getting the feeling of wanderlust. Ready to be on the open road. Ready to be outta here and onto new. Orrrr am I ready once again to change my mind and path again? Maybe so and once again I am okay with whatever just as long as I'm happy. I may just keep my van and use it later on down the road after coming back from a sailing trip I also have always yearned for since I saw my first boat. Is it finally the universe giving me what I want and what I asked for? I have to believe fully that is the case and let my destiny and wanting to enjoy the rest of my life take over with only the want to be happy.         I have said over and over again how much I love being outdoors in the bright sun or


      I had a wonderful and peaceful walk all by myself and absolutely loved it. I thought the trail I took was one that was one used often and I thought because of the covid19 there were cars out and about all over the Merritt Island Refuge. I am not complaining at all about the lack of people there because I liked not seeing anyone. I am very comfortable being alone and actually enjoy it to the fullest. I wish I had more time to myself to just enjoy nature like I was doing for 2 1/2 hours on the Cruickshank Trail. The trail is found off the Black Point Wildlife Drive which is located on the Merritt Island Refuge near Titusville, Florida. I thought that a nice, long hike would help my knee pains go away that I have been having for the past week. I think I pulled a muscle or tore a ligament near my knee cap while I was doing yoga or from sleeping wrong and it has not stopped hurting since. I don't usually use any type of otc meds or prescription meds and haven't for ye

All Yall

    Today I was talking to a couple of co-workers and we were discussing doing acid, mushrooms, ecstasy, molly, and so on. Well, both of the ladies I was speaking with were both very young. One was 18, the other 21. I was shocked that there was so much of all that still around and so plentiful. I seriously didn't think that acid was still being done as much as it is. I also didn't think that these ladies have done all that they have. But I guess that is me just judging too.         I have met so many people over the years and it always seems that when I am talking to someone that a whole life story will come out. I enjoy talking to strangers and they seem to want to be friends, so why not? I really do wish I had a memory where I could remember every conversation I have had with all the people I've met ...ever. I embrace and cherish(at the time, obviously) the stories that I am told. I am going to try and document bits and pieces of stories or at least a tidbit of info of

It's the Water

Originally posted on 11/2019              Why do I always feel upset at myself when I change things on the path of my life or if they are altered for me but I always put on a smile and roll with whatever happens. I wouldn't be human if I didn't feel a little bit of hurting on over things changing, but I am working on that small flaw of mine. I am sure that there are some people out there that may say that flaws are horrible and must be corrected immediately but I think they are real and should be embraced and be a learning tool. For real. As I was laying on the beach today I was taken back when I rolled over onto my side and had a realization that I love this world and nature when I turned and saw a rainbow wave with a dolphin jumping over it. It not like I didn't already love nature, but that was a beautiful sight that reminded me of a Trapper Keeper I once owned, and I believe I remember seeing one with a unicorn jumping over a rainbow wave. Oh, the 80s pastels splattere

Finally finding the Gulf

   I may have seen the Gulf of Mexico when I was younger, but I really don't remember. I have an Aunt Vicki whom we have visited in Louisiana when I was around 8, I think, but I for real don't remember if we visited any bodies of water. I grew up being surrounded by water, so I guess that makes it difficult to distinguish one ocean from the other. Back to the subject of the Gulf of Mexico in which I will assume, until I am told differently, that I have never dipped my toes (or what I presume is correct: plunge my whole body in) into the nearby waters of the Gulf and I recently did this. It was called Pine Island and that is what I came to near the end of highway 50 which goes east-west across the state of Florida. On one of Saturday adventures I jumped onto 50 and drove until I hit the oddly colored Gulf. Pine Island had a small hidden gem of a beach with white sands, a few palm trees poking out of the sand here and there, and an orange/ green/ teal hue colored water. I'm g