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    Today I was talking to a couple of co-workers and we were discussing doing acid, mushrooms, ecstasy, molly, and so on. Well, both of the ladies I was speaking with were both very young. One was 18, the other 21. I was shocked that there was so much of all that still around and so plentiful. I seriously didn't think that acid was still being done as much as it is. I also didn't think that these ladies have done all that they have. But I guess that is me just judging too.
        I have met so many people over the years and it always seems that when I am talking to someone that a whole life story will come out. I enjoy talking to strangers and they seem to want to be friends, so why not? I really do wish I had a memory where I could remember every conversation I have had with all the people I've met ...ever. I embrace and cherish(at the time, obviously) the stories that I am told. I am going to try and document bits and pieces of stories or at least a tidbit of info of these influential or lack of it with the stories or descriptions of those that I encounter. Maybe I should have been carrying around a notebook or a voice recorder! Seriously! Life is full of stories and interesting information that will and should be traveled around through contact with other humans. We should be in front of others speaking and socializing instead of being plastered in our cell phones which in case you haven't noticed, have taken over our lives. The sad truth is that it is being instilled into the minds of our youngest humans coming into the world with being 6 inches from the nearest phone or tablet. So sad. My two kids are avid readers of books and they both still are, and it all begins with someone else reading to them or by someone handing them a book. It opens the mind to stories and adventure which is exciting once you open the book, open your mind, and go! Wherever you want to go to!
   And off I am hoping to go. When others would ask me why I wanted to leave Charleston,SC when we first decided to travel, I would say on the average that I wanted to see new places and meet new people. I then later started saying that it was because Charleston was getting too crowded with people. But to be honest, I think it is to meet new people. I really loved my bartending job at the most famous hotel there was for reasons other than old, it was actually named Charleston's ugliest building I believe in 2018. Which is to me and so many others as absurd! It is a 14 story round Holiday Inn that was built back in 1971. Of course for superstition's sake, there is no 13th floor at the round hotel and the restaurant that used to be at one time a disco club was on the 15th floor, so you figure out the number of floors. Superstitions run deep don'tcha know! The round Inn has the best view in Charleston with a bunch of history and many, many stories there. I personally worked there for a couple years and spoke to many people who had a short story to tell me. I have heard things starting with this guy who was a bellhop there when the hotel first opened to a time when some guys dug up a tree that a motorcycle cop used to hide behind. The guys that dug it up threw that tree in the nearby Ashley River and went back up to the restaurant to watch the motorcycle cop try and find the nonexistent tree to park behind to try and get speeders. There have been many couples who have come back to the hotel and tell me that they first met there or that was the first place they had a date at. One of my favorites is that they became engaged there! I have personally witnessed three separate proposals there while I was at work. So very exciting, for them mostly! Oh, the stories of all yall! Charleston is a city that thrives on tourism, many came from all over the world to see the historical olde towne of Charleston. I still find that crazy cool! So every day there was on a daily basis new people from all over the world. I enjoyed their company and most of all the stories. (most of the time) Sometimes it would be a slow night and there would be plenty of time to talk and trade information about the world.
    New Zealand couple---------------If I couldn't be in New Zealand, then I would at least talk to the wonderful couple that was in town for a week. They would tell me about the beautiful waterfalls and the colorful landscapes that they would encounter when they traveled around their awesome country. I guess by hearing all the descriptions of places and seeing all the pictures that it makes one want to be there and using the other senses of yearning it makes you be there with the exception of your actually being there. I do know that it also depends on the speaker and the teller of the story that makes it more real for the listener and the wanters of other places. These two were very descriptive in their tellings of the travels they have had. We would also discuss the differences in culture and laws, just a great conversation.
    I meet new people every day and I do wish I had a better memory so that I could all the names of the influencers in my life with their own stories that may have the effect to change mine and in turn I may pass on to you and maybe have a positive and influential effect on to the next. Passing on stories are always taken different ways by the way you look at them and how you personally chose to use that information. I chose to share my stories and everyone else's in order to make life simpler for me.  I have taken on the easier life in my opinion by minimizing it all. My stuff, my friends(only got rid of the hateful, negative ones, which was only a couple of them) my bills, everything. And by doing so it has improved my vision of life and reduced the stress of life. So the simple truth of it all, meaning life, is to be simple, live easy, and be stress-free.

    I have a simple, short story. I was in line at a Cumberlands gas station and a very attractive, tall Florida Fish, Wildlife, and Game officer walked by me to get some coffee. I just happened to glance in his direction when he was filling up his pockets, after filling his coffee with cream with different creamers. I don't mean just one of each flavor, I'm talking about 3 or more of each into his pockets. At least that is what it looked like to me. It was a big handful is all I saw! Yes, I have taken a couple before in my time, but never that much. Maybe he was restocking the office or was going on a long trip and needed a few extra. Maybe. He walked by me and yes I looked in the direction of the bulge in his pocket full of creamers. I really hope he didn't think I was looking at HIM! I hope he saw me see him taking so many. That was my pointless story of the day. Plenty of those to come. Many more from all over the country and from all over the world. From me and pointless, so enjoy my stories about everything and nothing.



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