I had a wonderful and peaceful walk all by myself and absolutely loved it. I thought the trail I took was one that was one used often and I thought because of the covid19 there were cars out and about all over the Merritt Island Refuge. I am not complaining at all about the lack of people there because I liked not seeing anyone. I am very comfortable being alone and actually enjoy it to the fullest. I wish I had more time to myself to just enjoy nature like I was doing for 2 1/2 hours on the Cruickshank Trail. The trail is found off the Black Point Wildlife Drive which is located on the Merritt Island Refuge near Titusville, Florida. I thought that a nice, long hike would help my knee pains go away that I have been having for the past week. I think I pulled a muscle or tore a ligament near my knee cap while I was doing yoga or from sleeping wrong and it has not stopped hurting since. I don't usually use any type of otc meds or prescription meds and haven't for years but I did use some tiger balm on it at night and that has helped along with some thc and I also use CBD cream during the day. Anyways, I figured a 5-mile walk will loosen it up and for the most part, it did feel good while I was there until the last mile when the pain was bad that I stopped to massage my knee. Enough already about the negatives of the day, let me tell you about the greatness!
       I am usually smiling and in a great mood and this day was not any different and I started with a phone in my hand and my fanny pack on my waist. I did forget my camera but that was okay because I just got a new phone that has a great camera and I am a sucker when it comes to nature. I was already snapping pictures of a gator nearby as soon as I left my van and watched a man curse and yell at himself for not getting his camera out quick enough to take a pic of some passing birds. I looked at him with my mouth agape. Really dude? Was it that important for you to get pissed about? Oh well, maybe that's the way his life is. Poor guy. I continued past him and a couple of others that were hanging out and about at the beginning of the trail but that is as far as the others went. I did not see anyone for over 2 hours. It was relaxing to be out there alone with wildlife and nature. The trail was raised with water constantly on either side of the path with gators everywhere and birds galore. I was startled by a couple of snakes that ran away from me as soon as I approached which I was grateful for. I love being able to have alone time and quiet time to think and to not think. Both of which I did and what everyone should do on a regular basis. I believe that we should all be able to enjoy being alone and if you can't then you shouldn't be with others.

I do hope that there wasn't a camera here because I had to pee so bad and didn't see this until afterward...haha


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