Ozones, Rockets and Humans

The manned rocket may fly high to the sky today.  Let's celebrate and gather by the thousands to cheer on the future destroyers of Earth, us. Hooray!! Now don't get me wrong, I've been pretty ignorant over the years and was a cloned robot like the many others and gathered outside to witness a spectacular thing and said my ohhhs and awwwhhhsss without thinking about the damage that is being done each and every time something is flung through our ozone, our atmosphere, our protective air layer. Do you know how many satellites are in our atmosphere? Do you know how big the International Space Station is and how many trips it took to take all the parts there? Google that shit. Now. Stop reading and Google "how many satellites are in outer space"... there's a bunch. I appreciate the Awesomeness of it, I really do, it's cool. I've scheduled trips over the years to visit my mama in Florida around the shuttle and rocket launches and a number of them have been scrubbed (canceled/ delayed). It's crazy how such a heavy piece of machinery can be blasted out into the great unknown (to the average person) with such force! And then when they put people out into space, look out, there will be millions watching. On TV and in person our eyes will be glued to the extremely large, yet looks so small on TV thing that we are hoping and praying as one that they make it to the great unknown (again, to the average person) and don't happen to be part of a tragedy to be talked about for years. That would be sad and tragic. But we are all going to be watching and waiting and praying and then... cheering and more cheering and videos and pictures posted and then... traffic, if you happen to be near a viewing area. But not many of us will be thinking about the future and what is going to happen to our world one day. Keep putting fuel and trashπŸ—‘ to fuel our downfall.
   I took an experimental drive over the max brewer bridge in Titusville, Florida this morning around 10 am just to see the amount of people hanging out and camping who were there just to watch it rain. 🌧🌧🌧 I believe there is a 70% chance of rain at 4pm today and the weather has to be good for a long distance for a perfect flight path for the manned rocket πŸš€ to have a successful launch. The president flew into the area to be a part of this history that may or may not take place and multitudes of other celebrities and many many many minion humans from a multitude of states and countries are also here today to see something that may be scrubbed until Saturday. I guess that's good for the local economy if delayed if many stay. People will stay to shop and eat even with this "pandemic crisis/ social distancing" thing going on. 
When I drove by the Indian River earlier I couldn't believe how many people were out there! There were so many RVs and tents set up that one might have thought there was a music festival happening nearby. So my point of this rant was to say that I disagree with killing the ozone layer with penetration, and that I'm fascinated with the sight of a rocket taking off, I wish the 2 astronauts being blasted into space today safe travels there and back and good weather for the veggies today!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸš€πŸ›Έ

Triumph To The People Sending Up This And All Rockets Into Space, Who Are Killing Future Earth


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