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Titusville, Florida

  Most towns thrive on that what brings more people, money, fame, and growth and little ole Titusville is no exception to the normal wants of a semi-small town. The claim to fame here is great views of the launches from across the Indian River, aka ICW. (All my own opinion of course) There are references to space all over the area and not just in Titusville, all around the area, and in Orlando, there are random references to the nearby claim to famers.  Many people line the river whenever there is a launch and even more so bring out the food trucks when it is a momentous one, like a shuttle or a rocket carrying humans. There are 3 beaches which are all about 30 minutes or so from Titusville and the closest is Playlinda beach, located along the Canaveral National Seashore, meaning National, meaning government-owned. The Merritt Island National Wildlife Preserve runs along the whole barrier island which does mean that it will never be developed, hopefully. Back to the beaches first, Pla