Titusville, Florida

Most towns thrive on that what brings more people, money, fame, and growth and little ole Titusville is no exception to the normal wants of a semi-small town. The claim to fame here is great views of the launches from across the Indian River, aka ICW. (All my own opinion of course) There are references to space all over the area and not just in Titusville, all around the area, and in Orlando, there are random references to the nearby claim to famers.  Many people line the river whenever there is a launch and even more so bring out the food trucks when it is a momentous one, like a shuttle or a rocket carrying humans. There are 3 beaches which are all about 30 minutes or so from Titusville and the closest is Playlinda beach, located along the Canaveral National Seashore, meaning National, meaning government-owned. The Merritt Island National Wildlife Preserve runs along the whole barrier island which does mean that it will never be developed, hopefully. Back to the beaches first, Playlinda is spread out over four miles and has 13 different parking areas with a manatee viewing lagoon and a nature trail, it is great that no houses will be built there. If you're into tanning nude, you may do so after parking area 13. No tan lines there! Nude beach after 13 only yall! You also can get a glimpse of the security that is always posted up at the guard station if you keep walking right after area 1 and see the no trespassing signs, then try and accidentally walk past it by just a foot and you will see the NASA enforcers stand with their big ole guns. I am not saying to try this I am only retelling what happened to me. I have found many coconuts, shells, trash, and driftwood on my many trips there. But that's the norm at most beaches. You can also travel north to New Smyrna or Daytona beaches or go south towards Cocoa Beach which is normally busier with tourists. I am not sure the attraction of the actual beach for some people but every time I have been there the beach is too crowded for my style and oh so wide so more peeps can gather by the masses, so I do prefer to stick to Playlinda, my opinion of course. 
   Titusville is also known for the highest point in the USA that you can skydive from, which I believes 18,000 feet! Not that I would ever do it, I am too much of a chicken shit! Us kids bought a package for our mama when she turned 60 to tandem jump and nope none of us wanted to join her. Maybe one day I will do it.

 There is also the Indian River which is over 100 miles long that the locals and visitors flock to with jet skis, boat, kayaks, and kite surfing and whatever else there is. There isn't much of a nightlife in Titusville, with the exception of a few bars that stay open late, most of them close before midnight. There are a few trails to explore and the Blackpoint Wildlife Drive which never disappoints. Two long fishing piers are under the Max Brewer Bridge just past the fantastic Pier 220 Restaurant with awesome employees and great food!😉😉😉

        I am going to say that no matter how big or small a town is, there is always going to be that small-town drama. Everyone will eventually know someone who knows someone who said something about no one. I have been visiting Titusville for over 15 years now and I have seen small changes and big changes like any other city has and it may or may not even affect you or you may not even care if it did. I have seen a mall in its prime then go bye-bye and another shopping center with even trendier store come, and I have seen stores pop up on this corner and that. I know that this is everywhere you go but in Titusville, it just seems strange the way things slowly come and go. I noticed on some Facebook Titusville pages there are people that are part of the groups that will bitch and complain about everything! Then again, I'm sure it's everywhere. 
     Down the road, a little bit from "downtown" Titusville is the town of Mims and the White Sands Buddhist Center which has beautiful large statues and serene and peaceful grounds to walk around. Definitely visit there if you're near. It is a wonderful place to sit and reflect and meditate. I feel nothing but joy and peace whenever I go.

Titusville is a charming town with a mall, tons of small businesses, a marina, history, and great people sprinkled with snowbirds and new friends. It's okay that there isn't a chic-fil-a or tons of traffic. It's been a great place to be. Now it's time to move on. I love you Titusville.


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